UK Prepaid Funeral Plans

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UK Prepaid Funeral Plans

  • UK Prepaid Funeral Plans

    Would you like help with funeral costs?

    Of course you would. We are here to show you how to save money by arranging a pre paid funeral plan.

    Over the years, we have worked with many clients who have chosen to invest in  prepaid funeral plans because having a funeral plan in place can seriously reduce  funeral costs.

    For some people it has been a case of wanting to beat the ever increasing costs of funerals, whereas for others it’s been fuelled by a desire to release their family from the stress, burden and expense of organising a funeral. Sometimes, our clients have simply invested in a funeral plan because they wanted everything organised before they passed on.

    Whatever your reason, now is an ideal time to book your prepaid funeral plan because a recent report by Sun Life has shown that funeral costs have risen by 225% on average since 1997.

    When you look at what a funeral could cost in the future, compared to todays funeral prices the potential costs are staggering.

  • UK Prepaid Funeral Plans - Pay over 24 months interest free 

    Every year thousands of people choose to take out pre-paid funeral plans, all of whom now have peace of mind and the knowledge that they have :

    1. Fixed the cost of funeral directors fees and services at TODAY`S prices.

    2. Specified the kind of service they would like.

    3. Relieved their relatives and loved ones of the stress, anxiety and expense of arranging the funeral.
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    "A recent report by Sun Life (The Cost Of Dying Report) has shown that funeral costs have risen by 225% on average from 1997 to today."

If you live in Sussex, Kent or Surrey and would like to get a prepaid funeral plan in place, fixing the costs at today's prices, prepare in advance by booking a prepaid funeral plan to ensure your wishes are carried out in regards to your funeral in Sussex, Kent and Surrey and relieve your family of this burden at a great time of stress and grief. To discuss your prepaid funeral plan in Sussex, Kent or Surrey, meet Jason Coleman for a thorough and discreet assessment of your needs.

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