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  • Frequently Asked questions

    Is my money safe?

    Your money is placed in a secure trust fund by the funeral plan provider and is overseen by an independent panel of trustees, so when the time comes the funeral plan provider guarantees that there will always be sufficient funds available within the Trust to cover the cost of the funeral director`s fees and services.  It`s your money, it`s your funeral plan and it`s your legacy.

    Can I take out a Funeral Plan out for someone else?

    Yes, you can take out a funeral plan for anyone else. All correspondence will be sent directly to the person arranging the funeral plan and confidentiality is assured. Our funeral plans are ideal for couples too. Your funeral plan can be arranged on a single life basis, a joint life (first death) basis or as a couples twin plan.

    If paying in instalments, what happens if I die before I have finished paying?

    Your funeral will still be arranged in accordance with your funeral plan. Payments you have made into your funeral plan so far will be contributed towards the cost of the funeral and any balance will be paid by your executors or from your estate.

    Am I guaranteed to be accepted?

    Yes, there is no age limit to our funeral plans, whatever your age we have a funeral plan suitable for you.  There are no underwriting restrictions to funeral plans.

    Can I choose burial or cremation?

    Yes of course. As costs and arrangements can vary dramatically throughout the UK it is essential that you discuss these issues with us directly.  Feel free to call us for more information and to discuss your needs. This element is dealt with during the application of your funeral plan, but can be changed in the future.  The funeral plans that we recommend to people can be flexible and are adaptable to deal with future needs.

    What happens if I die abroad?

    All funeral plans will cover collection from anywhere in the UK,  If you die abroad then repatriation costs will be incurred. Please check that your normal travel insurance policy covers this.  But we do have funeral plans that can repatriate people from abroad.  If this is likely then please advise us and we will recommend a funeral plan to suit your needs.

    Are disbursements covered?

    The average allowance within funeral plans is £1,000.00 for disbursements, which rises with inflation.   However, we do have funeral plans available where an allowance for disbursements is not included, which means a cheaper funeral plan for you but your family will need to pay for disbursements at the time of the funeral.  This is a very popular choice as many of our clients feel that with the majority of the funeral already paid for, their family would be happy to pay for any disbursements.  It is very important to be fully informed of your choices to you can compare funeral plans accordingly.

    Can I personalise my funeral plan?

    Of course you can.  This is what we specialise in.  Your funeral plan is personal to you as you wish; choose one of the standard pre paid funeral plans and personalise that with your own preferences including readings, songs, hymns, flowers, donations to charity, etc.  Its important to us that you are happy with our funeral planning services.

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If you live in Sussex, Kent or Surrey and would like to get a prepaid funeral plan in place, fixing the costs at today's prices, prepare in advance by booking a prepaid funeral plan to ensure your wishes are carried out in regards to your funeral in Sussex, Kent and Surrey and relieve your family of this burden at a great time of stress and grief. To discuss your prepaid funeral plan in Sussex, Kent or Surrey, meet Jason Coleman for a thorough and discreet assessment of your needs.

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